River Tubing
-cooling down in style

Armed with wetsuit, life jacket and helmet, you float down the Gail on a RIVER TUBE.
If all the different sports at NTC get too hot for you, this is the perfect way to cool down in fresh water!


We enjoy the surroundings of the Gail River while floating from the bridge in Tröolach til the bridge of Postran.

DAS ORIGINALWe start this adventure with a short introduction. How do I sit in/on the Tube, how to handle the paddle, what to do if I capsize with my Tube ?

Of course the wetsuit, swimming vest, helmet and water boots are provided by us. Safety is the 1st rule, that is why we always have 2 guides int he water, on in the lead and one trails behind the group. If you have a problem on the water, we are there to help. Because of this we also need parents to look after their kids (at least up to 12 years of age), one on one! This way the guides are able to keep an eye on the whole group of participants.

The River Tubes are connected to your arm with a connection cord, so the tube cant float away if you capsize. Tubes are big and stable enough for adults up to 105 kg.


River Tubing
River Tubing

River Tubing


Kids from 8 years, children under 14 years not without accompanying adult (1 on 1)! Put your swimsuit already on (under your clothing) and bring a small backpack with your towel.

Adults from 16 years
Kids till 15 years
Minimum ageDuration
River TubingMonday,
Wednesday &
1.30 pm
under the bridge that goes over the Gail River
2822 8about 2 hours

Note: All prices are in Euro € including taxes. The program is subject to change without notice.