Questions & answers

Here you will find a compilation of frequently asked questions about the visit to our high ropes course.

Do I have to climb along with children up to 9.99 years?

For the yellow courses it is enough if a parent or a guardian supervises from the ground and can react if needed! It is important to check the correct attachment of the main carabiner at the start of each course at the start! However, parents don’t need to pay when supervising but not climbing.

On the green courses parents have to climb along with their children up to 7.99 years. For every 2 children at least 1 adult has to climb. For children from 8 years on the green courses, the controlling of the correct attachment at the beginning oof each course is sufficient.

On the blue courses parents have to climb along with children up to 9.99 years.

Are children from 10 to 15,99 years allowed to climb without an accompanying adult?

For the yellow, green and blue courses (except via ferrata blue), it is enough for a guardian to check whether the children are properly secured at the start of each course.

For the via ferrata blue and red, the active accompaniment of a parent or a guardian is necessary.

From 16 years, no supervision or accompaniment by an adult is necessary.

At what age are the yellow and green children’s courses suitable?

For children from 5 years and at least 100 cm, the yellow children’s course are well suited. On the yellow children’s courses, the child must only be able to move the Safety Line  carabiner to continue independently! Only a little strength and little skill is needed.

On the green courses, the Fox pulley must be repeatedly opened and closed. This requires more strength in the hands and, above all, more skill. From experience we therefore recommend a minimum age of 6 or 7 years for the green courses.

The yellow children’s courses are suitable for children up to a height of 1.40 m. The green courses are not much higher, but can also be climbed by adult companions.

Can my child climb if it is smaller than 100 cm?

No! For security reasons, we can not allow kids under 100 cm ont he courses.

Do I have to pre-register, make a reservation?

Individuals and groups (max 10 people) can visit the climbing parc during the regular opening hours, without registration. For larger groups (from 10 people) we ask for a reservation preferably by E-mail.

What is the procedure to get started in the rock labyrinth?

After you have read and signed the terms and conditions, you will be billed at the cash desk. Then the climbing equipment (helmet, harness with carabiner & Fox pulley) is donned and checked withthe help of one of our trainers.
Gloves (recommended) can be purchased for € 3, – or you can bring some yourself.

In the introdutction with safety training, we familiarize you with the handling of the material and the safety technology. After that every participant has to complete the introduction course.

Afterwards everybody can climb the courses independently. We recommend starting with the easier course and then increasing to the more difficult courses.

Do I have to bring my own climbing gear?

No! The climbing equipment (helmet and harness, carabiner and Fox pulley) are proved by us and are included in the entrance fee. For safety and insurance reasons, you may only climb with our equipment.

How are the prices of the high ropes course?

The prices are to be seen as the entry price for the day including rental of the equipment, which has to be returned when leaving the high ropes course.

Do visitors have to pay who do not want to climb?

Only people who climb have to pay. Spectators are welcome and pay nothing!

Can I buy vouchers/ticket?

Yes! Entry vouchers are available at the NTC Sportshop in Tröpolach or at the ticket office of the Rock Labyrinth.

Can I climb barefoot or with flip flops on the courses?

No! Running shoes with a good profile (good grip), hiking boots or work shoes are optimal. But PLEASE no flip-flops, sandals or ballerinas !!!

Which clothes are the right ones?

We recommend outdoor clothing that at least goes over your knees and can get dirty. Sneakers, outdoor or hiking boots with a grippy sole are recommended. We also recommend people with long hair to tie these together.

Is there a toilet in the park?

Yes, we have a mobile toilet (Dixie) near the entrance area, for use for our guests only.

Is there anything to eat and drink?

Water, soft drinks and small snacks like Mars, Snickers, etc. are available in our dispenser. Your self-brought snack is always allowed and can be enjoyed in our cozy Jausen- and Pausenzelt!

For group bookings, we can provide you with lunch on request in cooperation with the nearby Restaurant Kristall or the Tressdorfer Alm.

Will the coaches climb with me?

No! The Rock Labyrinth & Flying Fox is a Self-Climbing Parc. Before starting to explore the climbing parc on your own, you receive all necessary instructions where you will learn and practice our safety technology. A trainer supervises only the enrollment, not the climbing.

Is climbing really safe? How does the Safety Line work?

Safety is our top priority! Our park is inspected annually by an ERCA-certified inspection body and our facility thus meets the safety standards of the European Rope Course Standard EN-15567.

All safety devices and materials used comply with current standards, are statically calculated and are oversized for your safety.

The Adventure Park is serviced annually and audited for conformity before the season opens, and a new facility license is issued.

Our climbing park also has the highest safety level „E“ (EN standard 15567) with the Safety Line continuous belay safety system. Once hooked into the security system, the participant can not disconnect from the rope until the end of the course.

Can I visit the rock labyrinth without prior knowledge?

Anyone can climb us. Special knowledge is not required! An average fitness is sufficient, everything else we teach you! For some courses, there is a minimum age and a minimum body size, and a certain level of supervision from the parents or guardians required.

Which payment options are there?

You can pay locally with cash or debit card, Visa & Mastercard.

How can I reach the Rock Labyrinth & Flying Fox?

Our rock labyrinth & 3D archery park on the Tressdorfer Alm can be reached quickly and easily with the Millennium Express (from the Tröpolach valley station), or by car over the  Nassfeld Pass, then about 25 minutes walk (flat terrain about 2 km).

Where can I park?

At the bottom station in Tröpolach, then drive up to Tressdorfer Alm with the Millennium Express, or drive to the Nassfeld Pass and park. Afterwards it is approx. 25 min. hike over flat terrain to Tressdorfer Alm.

Can I climb in rain or bad weather?

In light rain, most of the trails can continue to be used. Only if the platforms become too slippery, the courses must be (temporarily) closed. In case of a storm or with thunderstorms or continuous heavy rain, the parc remains closed.

Are dogs allowed in the climbing forest?

Dogs can be brought if they are leashed. They will have to be tied up near the entrance of the parc, and are not allowed to roam freely in the parc.

Do I have to attend the training even if I’ve climbed somewhere before?

Yes! Every visitor must take part in the introduction, because each climbing facility has its own characteristics and can be different. Even our own „repeat offenders“ who have visited our parc before, have to go through the introduction course to make sure that the understanding of the safety technology is still in place.

Do I have to decide in advance for a  specific route or course?

No! You can go through the different courses individually according to your courage, endurance and stamina. We recommend starting with the easy courses and then increasing the difficulty.